Areffa Premium Folding Beach Chair- lightweight, durable and comfortable

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A premium folding beach chair that redefines our beach experience, whether you’re an avid beachgoer, casual sunbather or nature lover, this chair is a must-have, lightweight, durable and supremely comfortable, perfect for all outdoor activities companion.


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The chair not only meets the requirements of ergonomic design, but also provides a comfortable, unrestricted backrest and sedentary experience, allowing you to naturally release the pressure on your body.

Its lumbar support curve conforms to the waist curve, which can give the waist sufficient support and relaxation, and reduce the discomfort of the waist.

The backrest of the chair is designed to be comfortable and not restrictive. It provides soft yet firm support for a comfortable seat. Whether you are working, studying or resting, you can get comfortable support and reduce shoulder and back fatigue.

The chair also has excellent comfort, even if you need to sit in the chair for a long time, you will still feel comfortable and relaxed without feeling tired.

The chair is designed to distribute the weight of the body, reducing the burden on individual parts.

Areffa LV-091 (1)

products feature

This select thickened 1680D fabric has the following features:

Soft color:
The fabric is rich in color, not too dazzling, and can give people a warm and comfortable feeling.

Thick but not stuffy:
Thanks to the thickening process of the fabric, it can provide better warmth without making people feel stuffy.

Soft touch:
The texture of the fabric is very soft, giving people a comfortable touch, which can fully meet people's needs for use.
Wear-resistant and tear-resistant: Because the fabric is made of high-density 1680D fiber, it has strong wear-resistant and tear-resistant performance, and can be more durable in daily use.

Areffa LV-091 (2)

Keeps the shape stable and will not be deformed or collapsed due to long-term use. This allows the fabric to provide better support and comfort, allowing people to feel more comfortable and relaxed while using it.
(Cleaning tip: If the seat cloth is stained with mud or other oil stains, it can be diluted with clean water or household detergent, then gently wiped with a soft-bristled cloth, and stored after it is dry.)

High quality aluminum alloy

Hard anodic oxidation treatment:
Through this treatment method, a layer of aluminum oxide film is formed on the surface of aluminum alloy, which improves the surface hardness and wear resistance.

Beautiful and simple:
The aluminum alloy material has a variety of textures and appearance designs, which can meet the aesthetic needs of different consumers.

Durable and non-fading:
Aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, is not easy to be eroded by the external environment, will not fade, and will remain bright as new for a long time.

Areffa LV-091 (3)

Anti-corrosion and anti-rust:
Aluminum alloy has high anti-oxidation performance, and is not easy to rust and corrode.
Selected high-quality aluminum alloys can meet people's needs for high-quality, long-life products.

(Tips for maintenance: If the pipe is stained with mud or other oil, it can be diluted with water or household detergent, and then wiped with a cotton cloth. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and rain, and store it regularly.)

Why Choose Us

1. This design allows users to place their hands naturally on the armrests when sitting in the chair, providing better comfort and support.

Bamboo wood has been treated with a special process to enhance its wear resistance, making it more durable and less prone to wear and tear.

The bamboo is treated with an anti-mildew treatment to resist the growth of mold in humid environments, keeping the chair dry and clean.

The smooth and soft finish makes the bamboo feel better and more pleasant to the touch, while also adding to the aesthetics of the product.

The bamboo armrests are designed to fit the chair's goal of providing comfort and durability while also focusing on the protection and aesthetics of the material.

Areffa LV-091 (4)

2.Choose stainless steel hardware for chair connections
Stainless steel has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, which can effectively prevent the corrosion and rust of chair links.

Oxidized stainless steel hardware enhances its durability and aesthetics, making the chair linkage more durable and long-lasting, guaranteeing the quality and longevity of the chair link

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Areffa LV-091 (5)

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